Matthew James Hebert was born in Morgan City, La in 1966. He is currently employed as a Nurse Practitioner working in both the Pediatric and ER settings. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science, as well as, a Master’s degree in Nursing and a Master’s degree in Bible/Theology.

Matt has been married for twenty five years and he and his wife have two wonderful children.

Matt’s call to ministry came after 12 struggling years as a Christian. His lack of understanding the “truth” of God’s Word led to a life of failures and bondage that only God could heal.

Tragically, Matt’s life was stricken with the horrible news of his sister’s death. On a night when he attempted to run from God, the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said, “If you give me your life and present My Word for the way it is written, I will use you.”

While initially the meaning of God’s words were uncertain, with time, they became clear. Matt began to realize that his failures as a Christian were not because God wasn’t all powerful or because the sacrifice that Jesus made on the Cross was not enough to set the captive free. Instead, he realized the problem was that he did not understand God’s word as it was written.

Sadly, many of God’s people both Christians and non-believers are living lives of failure. Because of this, Matt not only preaches, but he teaches an unwavering message of victory. This relief from bondage and life of victory can only be attained through access to the power of the Holy Spirit. This access only comes one way, which is through faith in what Jesus Christ has already accomplished and has completed on the Cross.