About Us


We are located at 113 Lydia Street, Patterson, LA 70392. (The brick front building with the archways next to Cox Cable.)


We meet at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays for Agnoeo Bible Study and have church service on Sundays at 9:30 a.m.


Agnoeo Bible Study is not about a personality, a denomination, or a specific church. Nor is it the biased perspective of a specific teacher. It’s about a message and a core group of believers who have a passion to proclaim the Truth of God’s Gospel about His precious Son Jesus. We are convinced that both the Church and the unsaved need to hear an undiluted presentation of the Gospel as it is written.

We chose the word Agnoeo for this very reason because many in the church don’t know. The word Agnoeo is translated as the English word “know” in Romans 6:3. This word has a two-part meaning:

1. It asks the question whether a person is ignorant to the truth that Paul is about to tell them?

2. It asks or is that person unwilling to go in that direction?

It is our desire to teach these truths so the Body of Christ will not be ignorant of them. Once the believer is taught the truth, it becomes his responsibility to submit himself to the truth that the gospel is teaching about our death and resurrection in Christ.


We inhabit an earth filled with lives that are full of pain and empty of fulfillment – both produced by separation from God and His plan. The church is meant to be a beacon of hope to hurting humanity, but the message of “The Truth” has become obscured. Therefore, it is our mission to communicate “The Truth” to those who are separated and do not know what Jesus offers, as well as, Christians of many years who have struggled with failure time and time again.

Through exposure to “The Truth” Jesus spoke of, he who has ears and is willing to hear will be infused with light, hope, and power for victory. “The Truth” we speak of is Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. When the power of “The Truth” finds rest in a surrendered heart, it produces a Christian that radiates Jesus to the world and magnetizes the world to Him.


We are convinced that humanity was created for fellowship with God. Unfortunately, sin has separated God’s prize creation from His presence. God has always had a plan for humanity and he has communicated this plan of restoration through His Word.

God’s plan required a sacrificial death to pay the penalty of sin, as the wages of sin is death. Through this plan, God allowed the sinfulness of humanity to be judged upon His sinless Son on the cross.

As disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, our mandate from God is to communicate His Gospel message to a lost and dying world. In the spirit of Acts 1:8, it is our Vision to communicate that message through the power of the Holy Spirit locally, regionally, and globally.